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The Vakataka king Prithvisena I moved his capital to Nagardhan (ancient name Nandivardhana), 28 kilometres (17 mi) from Nagpur.

After the Vakatakas, the region came under the rule of the Hindu kingdoms of the Badami Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas, and finally the Yadavas.

In 1803 Raghoji II Bhonsale joined the Peshwa against the British in the Second Anglo-Maratha War, but the British prevailed.

After Raghoji II's death in 1816, his son Parsaji was deposed and murdered by Mudhoji II Bhonsale.

Nagpur is the seat of the annual winter session of the Maharashtra state assembly.

It is a major commercial and political centre of the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

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The inscription is a record of grant of a village situated in the visaya (district) of Nagpura-Nandivardhana during the time of the Rastrakuta king Krsna III in the Saka year 862 (940 CE).It derives its origin from the 'Fana' or hood of a cobra.