Validating a psychometric instrument

29-Sep-2017 04:16

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In job performance, the Value Profile measures the following things about potential: 1. Rather, the Value Profile mathematically, objectively, and reliably measures defined functions and capacities.

The Hartman Value Profile can be used to help measure job performance. It is not suggested that the Value Profile measures all relevant performance functions or that a good score on all of these functions will definitely mean that a person will always perform well.Translate our ideas and expectations into decisions.The Hartman Value Profile helps us become more aware of our capacity.In organizational development, the Value Profile helps companies with recruitment, staff development, team-building, and succession planning.

The Value Profile assesses whether an individual’s orientation and thinking style is compatible with a job, a team, or work environment.For instance, the profile will identify the conceptual planners, the action-oriented doers, the caring connectors, etc—all of whom may be important to a balanced team.