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A thousand roads he could travel, but he finds himself walking only the one, the one that brings him in conflict with a vicious dragon prince who will sell his sister for the Iron Throne. Un príncipe viajero con huevos de dragón en sus brazos y un león en su espalda. It will be mainly show canon but with a little from the books and the Telltale series thrown in.But the bond has unexpected consequences-making each other their literal strengths and weaknesses. Now they have to fight the Battle for the Dawn while coping with a growing romance and an uncertain future. The cruel winds of winter are coming, but they come at a slow turn. So of the many things she’s dealing with is the fact that she’d have to be reassigned off the truck.Despite the fact that this could potentially jeopardize her job, is it at least a blessing in that it might bring her and Casey back together? The POV characters will be Jon, Dany, Sansa, Bran, Arya, Tyrion, Jaime and Samwell. “I love you too, Jae.” Here is a post- S6 fic about what happens in the world, with alliances and character deaths all around.

Her being forced to go there and try to lure him out is a possibility.

Follows canon until the end of season 6 then diverges.