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22-Oct-2017 23:36

______________ Print The following two publications are available in print media, and I have an essay in each of them: Mc Pherson, Guy. Were I a conspiracy theorist, I’d suspect him of being a disinformation specialist.

As we’ve known for many years — in this case, the relevant article from the is more than four years old — on a planet 4 C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction.

In other words, 350 ppm is hopium of the worst kind.

We’re done, and even the Obama administration knew it way back in 2009. I plead guilty, but the world is on fire and, like most mainstream scientists, you’re taking the approach of too conservative (hence, lethal).

Abundant details can be found in my many essays (this one provides a recent overview).

Instead of turning away from data and models, I take my advice from Carl Sagan. For me, one of the particularly bothersome aspects of our climate-change predicament is the relentless bargaining by people who should know better.

At some point he took a break to talk to his female co-worker to let her know that he was okay and that he was resisting the low-level brainwashing as expected, but his female co-worker was afraid for him and she wanted to know how could he be sure; and how could they test to see whether or not he was right about that, but he was not sure how to test this.