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25-Sep-2017 08:56

Add that all up and you get a monthly income for the bar girls anywhere from 500 to 3,000 USD, highly depending on how many customers they sleep with and if they have a regular income from men abroad.Yes that’s quite a wide spectrum but the more diligent ones are definitely some of the top earning Khmer hookers.Then she gets her share of the tip which is usually distributed equally among all girls at the end of the night.However, some customers hand the tip directly to the girl to make sure she can keep it.I would advise to stay away from the second type of bar on your first trip since they tend to overcharge “newbies” for drinks, room rental and girls fees and it’s not even guaranteed that you can take out a girl for short time later on if you like her.And unless you aren’t much into karaoke it’s not that much fun anyway compared to the foreigner-oriented bars. So let’s say you just walk into a bar to see what it is like.The drink prices in the bars are usually relatively cheap, at least for your own drinks. The hostess bars usually have TVs with live sports and that makes them not only great to have a good time with the bargirls but also to meet other foreigners by simply talking about the football match that is currently on. But really: She seems just like a normal girl, talking about life like any other person, making you compliments by how handsome you are and so on.They almost always have some sort of draft beer, either Angkor or Cambodian and in some rare cases Anchor (I don’t like that one). Spirits are a bit pricier but not really expensive at around 3-3.50 USD. But even better meeting opportunities are the pool tables. Sure there are other Khmer bar girls too that are a lot more to the point and even pushing but most of them really give the shy and innocent kind of girl that makes you want to “protect” them.

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You will quickly notice how business oriented the girl is by how fast she drinks it.

Unlike in Thailand where they like to charge 20 Baht per game they are usually free over here. Anyway what you could do is after you had a look at the selection of bar girls you can smile (back) to one you like and have her sit with you. Yes that’s right, because they seem so cute and innocent they may give you the feeling that they really like you (well, that’s often the case).

She will then start with the typical introduction questions like “Hi, what is your name? If you get on well with her you can buy her a lady drink.

The bar girls who have eagerly been trying to invite you inside just seconds before will giggle even more in excitement and immediately try to get your attention.

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So what happens is that while you look around to take a seat either at the bar or on one of the comfortable looking couches, you find that one or two girls are closely around you trying to ask you where you would like to sit and then what you would like to drink and hope that you want to hang out with them.

So in this article I will not only explain to you what you can expect by visiting a girly bar but also what it is like to have sex with Cambodian bar girls, what to look out for, how to make the most of your money and basically how you have the best possible time without burning your fingers.

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