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As in all religions, the fate of the ‘soul’ after death is shown to be of primary concern to pagan Scandinavians.My dissertation is concerned with the way in which the afterlife, in its various forms, is presented in extant literary texts: not as an exercise in religious history, but in an attempt to find out what literary use was made by authors of different periods and genres of the two main Scandinavian realms of the dead, Valho˛ll and Hel. 45-57: Jong; James F. Le Pree, “Sources of Spirituality in the Liber de Virtutibus et Vitiis (Book on Virtues and Vices) and Epistolae (Letters) of Alcuin of York”, The Heroic Age, Nr. Mc Donald (eds.), Germania Latina 3, Groningen, 1998, p. Bullough, , Donald Boulough suggests that Alcuin arrived on the Continent at Charlemagne’s court in Aachen, not in 782, but in 786; the question, however, remains open. 16, 2015: | Le Pree/Papers; Donald A.

VI n° 3, 13th-14th c., alia manus…in marginibus: f. v1=1&ti=1,1&Search_Arg=illo humphrey&Search_Code=GKEY^&CNT=50&PID=t5u6Qt EH-DAwq0Tqw Ocd Tv I1_vf&SEQ=20101123000422&SID=1 She was a Research Fellow at St Anne’s College, Oxford, and is currently Associate Professor of English at Arizona State University • • Product.aspx? Pour la commodité des lecteurs et lectrices, les quelques noms propres grecs et mots grecs sont systématiquement translittérés phonétiquement en caractères latins. 155-156], (5) Gerberti de rationali et ratione uti : Versus [col. Astell, Christoph Houswitschka, Michael Masi • Part IV : Boethius in Religion and Mythography : Romanus Cessario, Graham N. Phillips • Leiden, Boston (Brill Publishers), 2012 | Hardcover | 1 Volume | XIX 661 pages | Annotated Bibliography, Index of Primary sources (Manuscripts), General Index | ISSN 1871-6377 | ISBN (Hardcover): 978-4-4 | ISBN (e-book): 978-8-1 • • page_id=28 • Pietzsch (G.), , (Utah Studies in Literature and Linguistics, vol. aussi l’édition de Jacobus Haury, Leipzig (Teubner Verlag), 1905-1913, cf. article725 • Schepss (G.), « Geschichtliches aus Boethius Handschriften », dans , n° 11, Hannover, 1886, ch. Band 16), Hannover (Hahn), 2012, ISBN 978-3-7752-2201-3; cf.