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“Altgeld Hall is where my father went to law school and kicked off the success-through-education theme that the family still abides by, almost religiously,” Zeglis says. — One Sunday afternoon in late April of her senior year, future Kohl’s director Sarah Ryan averted a near-disaster while cramming for the CPA exam, just days away.“I left to get something to eat and when I got back, the building was locked,” she says.We say Alma, Google software engineer Shivani Singh says ... “All of a sudden, the majestic bell tower next to the Alma Mater commences its noontime chime — ‘Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee’ — and orchestrates chaos into music.“I have crossed this intersection several times, and even today I can replay this scene before my eyes.” The Alma Mater is also where ...Among them: singing judges, a Red Cross worker in hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico and the CEO who became the first African-American billionaire.You’ll see some of the most famous and favorite spots on campus, as hand-drawn by Lyncoln Delporte, accompanied by more stories. We’ll be adding to the site throughout the year — and beyond — so let us know what you think, or would like to see, by emailing [email protected] “The intersection of Green and South Wright streets is bustling with activity — students running between classes, squirrels hopping in snow and cold winds gusting through Green Street.

I’m the first in my family out of 62 to become an officer and I can’t think of any better place to have earned my commission into the best Air Force the world has ever seen.” — Now-Nike global sportswear communications director Jered Thorp found the most picturesque view of campus ... “Disclaimer: This probably isn’t legal and isn’t necessarily safe,” he warns, but “the roof of the Armory is something that changed my entire perspective of campus.

Then we called the Daily Illini — anonymously, of course — to let them know. I’ll never forget how majestic that statue looked: brown leaves littering the sidewalk, sounds from Altgeld Hall’s bell echoing in the air and the students rushing to make class with the chilly wind in our faces — all in front of that timeless monument.” — Energy company CEO Tonise Paul found her happy place.

“We made the front page above the fold — or rather, Alma Mater did, sporting her big red A. “Of course, this won’t mean as much to readers who never had to read ‘The Scarlet Letter’ in high school.” — Economist Vipin Arora recalls passing one fine fall day as a freshman after class. “If you look at most any picture of Alma Mater, you will see the gorgeous backdrop of very old trees.

You’ll find the memories of astronauts and ambassadors, color barrier breakers and history makers, Olympians and Paralympians, those who’ve been honored with prestigious prizes — Nobels, Pulitzers, Oscars — and many more.

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You’ll find 100 special video messages we received from alumni across the globe.My favorite place on campus was a spot under those trees between the Student Union and the statue.

The research, which drew on existing data from Britain and Spain, showed that 20 per cent of British women married husbands with a significantly better education than their own in 1949. The report concluded that equal roles in the family, where husband and wife shared employment, childcare and housework, was ‘not the ideal sought by most couples’.… continue reading »

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Kirino Kousaka embodies the ideal student with equally entrancing looks.… continue reading »

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For example, lets say a male individual can't distinguish a particular blonde individual as being either a transgender girl or a cisgender girl, but they, the male, and everyone else that interacts with both, they also approach/assume that other individual as if they are are a girl. If two years into the relationship, the female confesses they actually feel uncomfortable with certain gender ideas, and now identifies as genderqueer and starts experimenting with more masculine looks, does that make our original male gay?… continue reading »

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I am so impressed to see that he is trying to type in English for me!… continue reading »

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United Way of Peel Region was established in 1967 to serve the communities of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon.… continue reading »

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"The app's upgraded version will have the e-ticket feature," said transport minister H M Revanna on Monday.… continue reading »

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